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The Divide
A film by Hasi Eldib

Still Seeking for good feedback?

Do you feel like you don’t have a reliable way to get feedback for your films?
There’s only so many times you can go to your family and friends before you feel like you’re putting them in an uncomfortable situation.
And even if they truly are happy to do it, let’s be honest, they’re probably holding back at least a little bit because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

And since they are doing you a favor, you can’t ask them to hurry up because the next cut is waiting on their feedback. 

And let’s say that you do get reliable, fast, honest feedback, it’s still coming from people that are close to you, and let’s face it, we stick with like-minded people, so the critique can be rather homogenous. 

Getting that perfect quartet of feedback - reliable, honest, quick AND varied - is like finding a unicorn. So you know, good luck with that right?

You don’t need a unicorn,
you need reliable feedback

Whether you’re getting feedback in order to edit the first cut, or you just want know what people honestly thought about a finished film so you can improve your skills for the next one you make, you need a place to turn to that you don’t have to beg for reviews, know you’re going to get honest AND constructive feedback, that has a quick turnaround time, from a pool of people with varying perspectives and opinions, so that your film can connect with as many types of people as possible.

LOok no further than the feedbackers

The Feedbackers was conceived with the purpose of remedying these issues, so that filmmakers can get the feedback they need, when they need it. 

Our community of verified feedbackers watches your film, and answers questions that you’ve specified you want answered, and you get it within 5 days. 

No one is doing anyone any favors. Our feedbackers get paid and rated for their work, so they have a vested interest in giving well-thought out criticism, and not just “yeah I liked it” type of answers, so you get real insight into your film. 

Also, since we review all feedback, if someone gives responses that we don’t think are of high quality, we’ll find another feedbacker to replace it with something of quality. 

The result? Fast, honest, unbiased, constructive, insightful and affordable feedback.

Sound good? Get started now and share your film.


"Fantastic experience. The quality of the feedback was far beyond what I was expecting and the process was quick and streamlined. Will use and recommend to other industry friends for sure."

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  • Feedback from 10+ feedbackers

  • Up to 20 questions

  • Feedback delivered within 5 Days

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  • Feedback from 10+ feedbackers

  • Up to 20 questions

  • Feedback delivered within 5 Days

  • Secure screening platform

  • Pay as much as you want

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